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Tour Program


Russia: Land of Tsars

Excursion Program: 7 days / 6 nights

Sites to visit: Moscow » Saint Petersburg

Tour Date: 14.06.2024

Price per person in a double\triple room: $1810

Day 1\ Palestine - Amman

After gathering and completing the number of travelers, we depart from the gathering points towards the Palestinian-Jordanian border in fully equipped VIP buses. Upon arrival in Amman, we complete entry procedures at the Torino Hotel, and the rest of the day remains free for rest and preparation for travel the next day. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2\ Amman - Moscow

Departure at 6:00 AM towards the airport to complete the official procedures for the flight to Moscow at 10:00 AM. Upon arrival at Moscow airport, our journey begins with a reception by company representatives at the airport, where we complete all official procedures, after which we depart in VIP buses to the Vega Izmailovo Hotel in central Moscow, where we complete check-in procedures.

Day 3\ Moscow

After breakfast, we head to visit the famous Red Square located in the historical center of Moscow, the city's most prominent landmark. From there, we proceed to St. Basil's Cathedral, built by Ivan the Terrible in the mid-16th century, featuring nine separate chapels, each covered by a distinctive dome of unique shape and color. This is followed by a visit to the famous Sum and Gum complexes, Russia's largest department stores dating back to the days of the Tsars, where visitors can enjoy upscale shopping and entertainment. Then, we head to the illuminated street glittering with its bright lights, majestic in its beauty and unique charm. The visit wouldn't be complete without exploring one of the most famous underground malls, Okhotny Ryad Mall, where each floor is decorated in different historical eras: the 18th century, classic, and modern, offering visitors a world of shops, restaurants, and exciting marketing experiences. Our authentic Russian experience wouldn't be complete without witnessing the changing of the guards at the Kremlin, with a visit to the Eternal Flame honoring the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin, commemorating the sacrifices of Soviet soldiers in World War II, constantly burning in tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for their country. At the end of this day, we will visit Zaryadye Park, which boasts breathtaking views of the cityscape and offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle where you can stroll along the floating bridge or enjoy panoramic views from the flying bridge. This park will amaze you with its blend of nature, architectural design, and culture. Here ends our tour. After the end of our tour, we return to the hotel.

Day 4\ Moscow

After breakfast, on the third day, our exciting tour of Moscow begins with a visit to VDNKh Park, the largest exhibition, museum, and entertainment complex in the world designed to showcase the success and potential of Soviet agriculture, remaining to this day a memorial to Soviet architectural engineering, culture, and history, as well as cultural and commercial events held in its historic pavilions, palaces, and gardens. After finishing the exhibition, we head to the site from which Yuri Gagarin launched on the first space journey, to evoke with him the great achievements. Then, we can explore places symbolizing the former Soviet republics, remembering the rich history and culture of these former countries and exploring their diverse and inspiring heritage. Our visit wouldn't be complete without a visit to the largest and most famous museum of modern and ancient weapons in Moscow, where visitors can explore the history of weapons reflecting the evolution of military technology through the ages. Finally, for those who want an additional adventure, you can experience the cable car activity in Moscow, to enjoy stunning views of the city and its enchanting landmarks (optional). After the end of the tour, we return to the hotel.

Day 5\ Moscow

A free day to meet all your needs and gain some rest time for those who desire, or to shop and explore the city's landmarks.

Day 6\ Moscow - Saint Petersburg

After having breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we head to the high-speed train station to depart for the city of Saint Petersburg, a journey that takes about 4 hours. We can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey during this period, as we prepare to explore the magnificent second Russian city. Upon arrival at the train station in Saint Petersburg, we will be greeted by company representatives, and then we will head to the hotel (Valo Business Hotel or similar), where we will arrange accommodation for the next stage of our trip. In the evening, we will embark on a wonderful evening tour of Nevsky Avenue, which is one of the most important and famous streets in the city. In the early days of Saint Petersburg, it was just the beginning of the road to the old city of Novgorod, but it soon became adorned with beautiful buildings, squares, and bridges, becoming the rapidly growing bustling center of the city. There, we can enjoy watching the diverse and exciting musical performances offered by local restaurants, cafes, and theaters in the welcoming and festive atmosphere. After the end of the tour, we return to the hotel.

Day 7\ Saint Petersburg

After having breakfast, we can head to the famous Peterhof Park, which consists of a collection of palaces and gardens that until 1917 were the residence of the Tsars, known as the "Russian Versailles," and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - there, visitors can enjoy the stunning nature, fresh air, and recreational activities. Then, we will head to the Hermitage Museum, which is considered the largest and most famous museum in the world, housing over three million works of art representing different histories and cultures, from Impressionist masterpieces to Eastern treasures. One estimate suggests it would take eleven years to see each exhibited piece for only one minute. Visitors can explore the diverse and rich collections in this huge museum and enjoy the beauty of various arts and civilizations. In the evening, we can stroll through the center of Saint Petersburg, where we will enjoy seeing the bridges open at night, a charming and stunning sight reflecting the beauty and unique charm of the city in the dark. After the end of the tour, we return to the hotel.

Day 8\ Saint Petersburg - Moscow

We start the day with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a trip by high-speed train to return to Moscow. In Moscow, we will explore Arbat Street, which emerged as a humble living area for palace craftsmen and later transformed into a prestigious aristocratic street, and later became a gathering place for Soviet Russian intellectuals, some of whom were immortalized in this unique street. Today, Arbat Old Street – or simply Arbat Street, is a bustling tourist attraction and the perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying the atmosphere, culture, and history of Moscow. We will also visit the famous Nevsky Avenue, known for its ancient buildings, traditional shops, and cafes. After a day full of exploration, we will head back to the hotel.

Day 9\ Moscow - Amman

After breakfast at the hotel, we head to the airport for farewell and return to our homeland. After completing official procedures at the airport in Amman, we head to the Torino Hotel for dinner and spend the night.

Day 10\ Amman - Palestine

After breakfast, we depart from the hotel towards the Palestinian-Jordanian border in fully equipped VIP buses for the return to the homeland.

The price includes:

  • Airline tickets from Amman to Moscow and vice versa

  • Accommodation in the mentioned hotels per person in double or triple rooms with breakfast

  • Train tickets to and from Saint Petersburg

  • Entrance tickets to all destinations mentioned in the program

  • Tourist visa invitation and application

  • Insurance


The price does not include:

  • Tips

  • Lunch

  • Visa fees (320 shekels)


  • Moscow: Vega Izmailovo

  • Saint Petersburg: Valo Business


+972 52-866-3730

+972 52-739-4289

+972 59-552-2440






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